The Top 5 Craigslist Personals Alternatives For 2024

Craigslist personals might be gone but not forgotten. Craigslist shut down its Personals section after Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was signed into law, shifting the responsibility of user generated content to the owners of the website they are published on.

Craigslist chose to avoid liability and eliminate the part of their website that was connecting singles for relationship proposes.

Single, couples and attached individuals have other choices in finding a partner with dating apps, but those are geared toward profiles and long-term relationships and provide very little in terms of activity partners and casual connections.

An average user of Craigslist personals will be banned from Tinder or Bumble for posting explicit pictures or stating they are only interested in a hookup or spicy time.

That is why we gathered the list below of the top 5 alternatives people can use as replacements for Craigslist Personals to find sexual partners.

Anyone over the legal age of 18 can post on this list so long as you are not breaking the law.


GetXPersonal is the most direct alternative for Craigslist personals and is as much as a replacement as one can get. It is free and users can post local personals ads in various cities and categories as well as respond to unlimited ads. No payment is ever required. In addition, the site includes a location search where users can see ads arranged by location from their own. All ads are reviewed for terms compliance to insure no sex workers are allowed to post.

As the site has a great female to male ratio GetXPersonal is the recommended choice for anyone looking for a connection that doesn’t involve unlawful acts or scams.

Post a local personals ad on GetXPersonal


This is a paid website and while we investigated it thoroughly we got the impression there are lots of fake profiles there and bots. We would not recommend hand over your credit card number to anyone.


Another ads website. This one has a multitude of sex workers.


This site requires verification for a real phone which means they have your real information. VOiP phone numbers are not accepted. We also heard of many people that got banned. If you get banned here there is no way to return short of getting a new real phone number.


Mainly Asian massage workers here. Most of the ads point to advertisements.