Lover of natural, unshaven, sagging and suckable

Age: 58

Sex: Male

Seeking: M4W

Expires in: 48217 Hours

I am an oral giving aficionado. I prefer giving you oral than receiving them. I especially go into a trance while slurping inside and all around your lips including your taint n asshole...then once you are sloppy wet, your knees pushef back to your boobs, insertion of my raging purple helmet followef by a thick, veiny glans penis until I am balls deep and you are chanting the Lord's Prayer. I really love to eat you out on your period, the bloodier the better .get at me and you can stream hot golden shower in my mouth. Don' forget, stop shaving your kitty....All shaven pussies grow a Five O'Clock shadow and it feels like licking tuna flavored sandpaper. The more you grow a monster bush the odds are in your favor that a) I will get and maintain a long lasting boner b) You will get my tongue working your cleft almost nightly. c) The more times I will pull out and cream pie your pubes d) You will hands down receive more ansl poundings e) We will record most of our sex and post them in AFF and on Youtube f) You will receive more white lacy panties and sheer panties to showcase your hairy beaver g) Good chance we will attend more party gangbangs and getting 10 guys and me having msog and gagging you until you are slathered with hot gooey dick snot will increase ten fold, ALL MEN LOVE A HAIRY UNKEMPT MONSTER SNATCH

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