Broken Romeo Seeks Milf Juliette

Age: 42

Sex: Male

Seeking: M4W

Expires in: 54188 Hours

It gets lonely out here in homeless land. Tired of rejections from immature drug-addict girls who use and abuse my kindness and mistake it for weakness. Need a real woman, a milf/granny, (preferably Asian or Latina) who knows how to treat a somewhat young, gentle and sensitive soul such as I like a king. Contact me if you'd like to drive out to San Bernardino, pick me up and take me back to your place with no strings attached; just so we could experience real intimacy and love-making before the world comes to an end. I have been told I am a great, passionate kisser and I always try to pleasure a lady as if she's special. Not really looking for a relationship until I find work, but until then, this bum needs some love. Please include a few photos of yourself if you email me.

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