To My Lover You are the sun that brightens my day

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Seeking: W4M

Expires in: 63177 Hours

The moon that guides me through the night The star that twinkles in my sky The light that fills my life You are the fire that warms my heart The spark that ignites my soul The flame that burns in my veins The passion that makes me whole You are the wind that lifts my spirit The breeze that caresses my skin The breath that gives me life The air that I breathe in You are the water that quenches my thirst The stream that flows in my dreams The wave that crashes on my shore The ocean that drowns me in love You are the earth that grounds me The rock that supports me The mountain that challenges me The land that I call home You are the one who knows me The one who loves me The one who holds me The one who is mine You are everything to me My lover, my friend, my partner My soulmate, my companion, my confidant My everything, my all, my only

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