Hope to find my other half.

Age: 33

Sex: Female

Seeking: M4W

Expires in: 55540 Hours

Fire and water live in me, and only a real man can see what I keep in my heart. I like honest people with whom I can laugh heartily and just talk for hours without observing the time. I am very strong to accepting stresses, being quite responsible and demanding to myself I get in contact with people who have the same values in life. As a woman I am very tender, adore kissing and believe that we are born to love and be loved.Life is wonderful when you walk together with beloved one. This is what I want with all my heart, soul and body. I want a man who is passionate about everything he does in his life and especially about me ;)I'm looking for an open and experienced man. The one who will be able to share all the benefits of this world with me.

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