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Age: 26

Sex: Couple F/F

Seeking: Activity Partner

Expires in: 63325 Hours

We are two best friends who share a passion for animals and adventure. We are both 26 years old, single, and looking for some like-minded guys to hang out with. She is a veterinarian who loves to travel and try new cuisines. She has a golden retriever named Max who is always up for a walk or a fetch. She is looking for a kind, smart, and adventurous man who loves dogs and has a good sense of humor. I am a wildlife photographer who enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring new places. I have a cat named Luna who likes to cuddle and watch Netflix. I am looking for a creative, fun, and outgoing man who loves cats and has a zest for life. If you are interested in meeting us, please send us an email with a brief introduction and a photo of yourself and your pet (if you have one). We are open to any age, race, or location, as long as you are respectful, honest, and animal-friendly. We hope to hear from you soon!

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