My Letter to a Bitch I'm Disgusted With:

Age: 50

Sex: Male

Seeking: M4W

Expires in: 66132 Hours

Bitch, I bet you like it a whole lot that I'm basically begging you to suck my cock. Just like this: This is just how I want it, you whore, white bitch. The way I taught you just to suck the head and lick behind the head of my dick: you know I fucking lose it. You've even figured out a way to lick on me while I'm down your throat or between your cheeks. You let another hoe come between our little freak show. You let her boss up on you and throw ultimatums up on the scene when all the while -- you should be on your knees in front of me. You should be on your knees tasting precum off of me with no hands; I know you don't feel a certain kind of way; you already know I'm a chauvinistic, disrespectful man. I show no regard -- ESPECIALLY -- when I'm horny and my erection is super hard. Don't you miss it burying through your throat? Don't you miss me calling you such despicable names like FILTHY WHORE? Don't you miss me pinning your mouth on my throbbing erection? Don't you miss my dirty confessions? Don't you miss oiling your asshole and my cock before hopping atop my brown meat? Don't you miss your tight asshole accommodating me even when it hurts when I enter you initially? Didn't you tell me it hurts so good -- that you can feel me swelling up inside of that tight rear end? I thought we were supposed to remain fuck friends?! Didn't you tell all the women that you were never going to give up my always swollen prick? Isn't that what you told them, bitch? So, now you don't have fantasies about me ramming my phallus up in your asshole vertically?

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